License Plate Recognition System for Gated Communities

Spectra Data Systems License Plate Recognition System uses cameras with Infa-Red lighting to capture license plate images. The plates are then analyzed by sophisticated optical recognition software and converted to numbers and letters. The plate is compared to a database of valid license plates, if the plate is valid the gate is opened and the vehicle can enter the community.

The advantages of this type of system over other alternatives such as Bar Code Tags and Radio Frequency Transponders are many. Nothing additional has to be added to the vehicle, many residents object to putting something on their vehicle. New tags do not have to be purchased when the car is sold. There are no mechanical or moving parts that have to be serviced on a periodic basis. Using the same equipment and additional camera all vehicles exiting the community can also be recorded for security purposes. In addition all images of vehicles entering through the security system can be recorded and stored for later retrieval. The system works great for rental cars, you can enter the plate into the system and give it an expiration date, after that date the plate will no longer be valid. If there are cameras on the guest lane, residents can also use that lane.

The advantages of having a camera at the exit gate, includes the ability to check and make sure trades are not staying in the community and exiting after hours. If the community has a problem with pass throughs the system can track the time a vehicle enters at one gate and exits at another. If there is another type of security problem in the community the system can provide a list of vehicles that exited during a particular time period.

The community association also benefits from this type of system. They do not have to attach Radio Frequency Transponders or Bar Code Tags to vehicles. The system assures that all of the license plates in the system are correct, if not the residents will have trouble entering the community. If the system is being used at the Guest entrance the accuracy of the guest plates will also be verified.

This system integrates directly with Spectra Data Systems PC Sentry software. That means that no additional data entry is required. The hardware and software used in this system is installed all over the world in high security situations. Spectra Data Systems has worked directly with the equipment manufacturer to optimize the system for private gated communities.


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